Our Performance

Changes in tax rate

Exception List of the Common External Tariff (CET);
Temporary decrease - Regulation 08/08;
Ex Tarifário (Temporary reduction in import duties of capital, and informatics and telecommunications goods);
Permanent change.



Advisory and Consulting on Import and Export Operations

Analysis and classification of goods according to the Common External Tariff (CET);
Operation support and performance: documents, customs logistics process, secure payment methods, costs, etc.
Expediting at the source – Inspection of imported goods, stowage monitoring and unloading at destination;
Inspection and appraisal reports for imported used machinery.



Detailed Brazilian Nomenclature (DBN – Detalhamento Brasileiro de Nomenclatura)

Adding 4 digits to Mercosul Common Nomenclature (Nomenclatura Comum do Mercosul, NCM), only in national level, for statistics purposes and administrative handling of foreign trade.
***Effective instrument against incorrect tax classification.



Commercial Defense

Compensatory measure;


Other Instruments:

Application or changes in Administrative Handling of Imports;
Acting along with the Internal Revenue Service in order to identify tax frauds in imports.



International Negotiations

Strategic analysis regarding the use of International Agreements on commerce and benefits, in order to maximize earnings;
International Negotiations monitoring. a) monitoring multilateral negotiations on international trade in the interest of clients; b) monitoring bilateral negotiations of interest (commercial and double taxation agreements).



Tax Issues

Compensation and Reimbursement in Exports;
Accounting and legal procedures in order to get a refund for overpaid taxes or contributions. Refund for unduly paid amounts or compensation on due and overdue taxes.



Special Regimens

Temporary Admission;
REDEX (Special Installation for Customs Clearance for Exports);
Reporto (Tax System for the Incentive to Port Structure Modernization and Expansion);
Reidi (Special System of Incentives for Infrastructure Development).