AG Global is an International Trade consulting company with the purpose to meet the needs of its customers with excellence in foreign trade operations. The company focuses on exempting such operations or protecting the clients’ commercial interests, whether in the administrative area at many Ministries and other licensing agencies or in the tax area at the Internal Revenue Service.

Through its consultants, AG Global has many years of experience in investments exemption, high-complexity operations in foreign trade and tax recovery. The company’s differentiating factor is to plan and implement structured solutions to lower tax incidence in imports and exports or to implement administrative measures for commercial defense to protect national companies, bringing together legal planning and administrative intelligence.

Due to the pragmatism of its agents and the lack of security and appropriate assurance in business deals, we believe that foreign trade operations need a preemptive legal planning to lower risks and assure the lowest tax incidence as possible.

Accordingly, even if a foreign trade operation is well structured and legally secure, it needs administrative intelligence when implemented, especially regarding legislative and/or administrative monitoring at the Ministries involved and other licensing agencies, in order to be successful.